Amreen was born in a prosperous, peaceful era of the world.
A world that, thousands of years ago, was freed from the oppression of magical beasts, demons and spirits by humanity's benefactors, the Angels.
On many points, she is just a normal young girl, the daughter of the magistrate in the trading town of Kuzumur.
However, she was born with wings.
And with those tiny wings came the fate, unbeknownst to her, to carry the weight of the world.


Amreen: Instrument of Revolution is a turn-based strategy RPG set in a fantasy world.



How To Play


Both Keyboard and Gamepad are supported. Accept is Enter (Btn 1), Cancel is Escape (Btn 2), Right Ctrl (R. Trigger) speeds up enemy turns. Hitting Escape twice will skip the scene start cutscenes. Hitting Escape during your movement phase will enter a free targeting mode where you can inspect units on the field.


Each unit has unique stats and perks, check them using free target mode (above). Amreen has magic, and gains block chance at low HP. Lhinn will assassinate (100% crit) any unit under half health. Surion has even longer range then enemy archers. Leela's damage increases as her HP decrease. Varun attracts enemies when he uses his defend ability.


If you're in trouble, each unit comes with a complement of HP, or MP restoring items. Just out of range? Some units also have handy rocks to throw!


Amreen has a few spells she can use to attack or help from a distance. Her drain spell damages enemies and heals her, Cure is invaluable for keeping your allies alive. Spherion's Wrath is an area effect damage spell for enemies who group up. Lastly, if you lose an ally early, you can cast use Amreen's rewind time magic to return to the start of the mission with your levels intact!

For more information, view the ReadMe


Release Notes

Latest: v0.1e (2018-02-20)

First prototype release, released for feedback.

Contains one sample combat level to try and one basic village to explore.

Content includes:

  • 5 player units with distinct styles
  • 3 enemy units
  • 3 consumable items
  • 4 magic spells


* Linux builds untested, 32-bit builds available on request.


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you! You can reach any of us with from the contact links below, of you can join our Discord channel and chat with us and let us know what you think!


Philippe Veilleux

Game Director, Artist, Designer, Coding

Chris Mills


Karam Bharj


Jay Man (OurMusicBox)